The Sidecar Soiree is the brainchild of Sara Liberte, motorcycle industry photographer and writer, and Robert Pandya, motorcycle industry executive. During the summer of 2016, the pair traveled 7,400 miles in a sidecar rig over six weeks documenting the Sister’s Centennial Ride from New York to San Francisco and then the Veteran’s Charity Ride from Los Angeles to Sturgis. That experience sparked their imaginations, and the sidecar appealed to everyone they met. The sidecar had fans, as people followed the journey on social media! Kids got rides; grandmas got rides; wounded U.S. veterans unable to ride motorcycles got rides all the way to South Dakota!

Robert Pandya – I’ve spent three decades working with all kinds of motorcycles – I love ‘em! I was honored to pilot a sidecar on the first Veterans Charity Ride in 2015. My passenger was an Army Airborne Veteran who lost his leg and couldn’t ride a bike on his own anymore. The trip was designed to help him heal from the inside, and it did a lot for him – but it also empowered me. I couldn’t wait to share the experience with friends, family members (my MOM, that was the best!) and even strangers! I hope your shared passion for sidecars brings you out to our first Sidecar Soiree – It’s going to be a great time — for those of you who get it, you know sidecars can’t be replaced by any other experience! See you in Texas!

Sara Liberte – I’ve been blessed to have motorcycles in my life for most of it, although I started out on a Honda 250R 3-wheeler. Yeah, I go back that far. I also co-owned and operated RT’s North Hills Cycle in Pittsburgh for more than 15 years. I’ve been into sidecars since 2008, and was super excited to ride across the country with my friend Robert Pandya in 2016 to document two amazing events. A sidecar brings people together like nothing I’ve seen before, and I knew we needed to share this passion and get “side-hacktivists” together for an amazing event!