What is the address of the Hotel?
Hangar Hotel 155 airport Rd, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

How much does it cost?
$75.00 for sidecar owner, $50.00 for registered passenger, and Host Hotel rooms are $191.00 per night. Click here to register.

What do I get?
Your registration gets you lunch and dinner on Saturday, a t-shirt, a sticker and a professional portrait on your rig, courtesy of photographer Sara Liberte.

Why Sidecars?
There is a lot of excitement around the sidecar world, and the market for these really cool conveyances is growing. People are just naturally drawn to sidecar rigs: they’re a pleasure to ride and they foster companionship like nothing else.

Why no Trikes?
We feel like there are enough traditional events that cater to motorcycles and trikes. This one is dedicated to sidecar enthusiasts, though a guest can attend on a trike or traditional motorcycle if they accompany a registered sidecar pilot.

Why Central Texas?
Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country have a great deal to offer including good weather, great roads, lots to do and a level of hospitality that rivals anywhere. Fredericksburg has loads of alternate hotels, cabin rentals, RV parks and camping areas.

What else can I do there?
As well as arts, shopping and wineries, Fredericksburg has museums, music, outdoor activities and is the gateway to the epic rolling Texas hill Country. The city has a great CVB site here: http://www.visitfredericksburgtx.com/

Why no kids or pets?
We don’t mind them on the rides – however as the Hangar Hotel is on an active runway, there are restrictions that do not allow those under 18, or pets to stay overnight due to safety concerns. There are alternative options nearby you can explore here

Can my guest be on a motorcycle?
Yes – motorcycles or trikes can accompany a registered guest.

What if I need 2 beds?
Please look into alternative hotel locations as the Hangar Hotel is single King Bed accommodations only. Start here: http://www.visitfredericksburgtx.com/

Are vintage rigs allowed?
You bet – there will be alternative routes for all kinds of riders – freedom will not be restricted, so you can ride the pace you want.

What is the Sidehack Attack?
We are planning a fun and challenging course for sidecar riders. We may have an off-road course that challenges riders and a flat-lot course that tests riding skills and accuracy. Or you can sit back and watch the fun happen.

Is this the start of something great?
We are hoping there is enough interest in this event to justify a series of sidecar events in other parts of the U.S. Time will tell, but we think we’re onto something, and we look forward to riding with you again. Stay tuned!!